* Regardless of how informal the dance is, wear dance shoes. Do not wear sneakers or other shoes with rubber or spongy soles. They can stick to the floor during turns and spins and cause ankle and knee injuries.

* Avoid sleeveless shirts and tanktops, especially for active dancing: It is not pleasant to have to touch the damp skin of a partner.

* Sleeves that are baggy are also not appropriate, especially in swing dancing, because dancers need access to their partner's back, and hands may get caught in baggy sleeves.

* Accessories like big rings, watches, brooches, loose/long necklaces, and big belt buckles can be hazardous on the dance floor. They can catch in partner's clothing, scratch and bruise, and are in general a nuisance.

* Gentlemen: if you have no place to leave your keys and loose change, carry them in the LEFT pocket of your trousers. This makes it less likely to bruise your partner. Ladies, use your right pocket.

* Long hair should be put up or tied in a pony tail. It is difficult to get into closed dance position when the lady has long flowing hair (hair gets caught in gentleman's right hand). It is also not fun to be hit in the face with flying hair during turns and spins, or for the guy to inhale the hair into his throat.

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